We Manage Your Vacation Rental

We are a digital property manager

If you wish to receive your guests and take care of the cleaning, we are your perfect option! 

We manage your property in our website, Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, Expedia, Tripadvisor. We work with digital tools that allow us to keep your your calendar synchronized, position you on the internet, perform a daily price optimization, communicate with guests, offer tourist tips of the city before their stay.

Before accepting a reservation, we make sure that the guests meet the standards you have asked for, you set the standards.

You will have access to the booking calendar of your property, the data of your guests, the amount of the reservation

  1. We can create your property listing 
  2. Offer professional photography 
  3. Create Guide book for guest
  4. Manage listings in different booking platforms 
  5. Manage calendar and seasonal prices 
  6. Guest support 
  7. Connect with your cleaning team 
  8. We give you full access to your listing calendar

Our commision is 10% fee after the bookings are secured. 

We will happy to call you and explain further any question you might have 

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